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Airport safety and security


Building a project

It means knowing the airport safety and security issue from both an operational and institutional point of view.
More broadly, our partner acts as a legal and structural advisor in the airport field. 

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Areas of intervention

Air Transport and Airport Cargo Training offers programmes in airport security and safety.
The effectiveness of civil aviation security is the result of a commitment shared by all the actors involved. 
DGAC is developing a doctrine that defines a common framework for action, so that all stakeholders are involved on a daily basis in the implementation of security measures.

The French security doctrine

French security doctrine develops a prospective vision of security. First of all, to prepare, to draw up adapted action plans, and then to serve as a framework for international action. These are the conditions for the sustainable development of air transport.
Secretary of State for Transport emphasised the importance of sharing a doctrine. But also values in the service of ever safer air transport.

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Audit, support and exercises

We use our skills in the context of an audit and pre-audit on site.
To this end, we propose the drafting of programmes and the drafting of specifications.
Following this, we carry out performance tests in an operational situation for security agents. For this purpose, we carry out intrusion exercises on site and the introduction of prohibited objects. 
We also address crisis management and the improvement of the crisis management plan.

Safer travel” film

To ensure the safety of air travel, it is not enough to multiply regulations and control procedures. It is a whole strategy that is implemented by all the players in the air transport sector (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity)

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