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Joint partnership

The balance sheet and the results policy are the guarantee of a joint partnership between the company and our anti-counterfeiting partner. 

Businesses as victims

Companies are the main victims of counterfeiters. 
You lose turnover and market share. 
– You become more reserved in selling your products.
– Counterfeiting devalues your image, your reputation, and the institutional company.
Loss of return on investment in research and development, advertising, marketing and communication to build your image.

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How to fight against counterfeiting

Your products are in the following areas:
Alcohol, Spirits
– Perfumes and cosmetics
– Watches and clocks
– Clothing, shoes, luggage
– Pharmacy
– Household appliances and electronics
– Administrative documents

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Investigation and training partners

We can help you in the anti-counterfeiting
Our partner investigators can meet your needs in the fight against counterfeiting.
Their organisation allows them to travel to any point in the world.
They have the capacity to deploy concrete measures to defend your brand and guarantee the success of the operation.
We also train your staff in identity fraud, which is either usurpation or improper acquisition.

Our golf partner:

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