Burglaries and agressions prevention

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Incivilities, threats, assaults, burglaries… In sectors where employees are in contact with the public, employers must assess such risks. In particular, anticipate with measures to prevent robberies, assaults and conflict management.

Upstream thinking

Upstream thinking is needed on how to prevent such incidents from occurring.
External violence is violence perpetrated against an employee at his or her workplace (or any other place where he or she goes for professional reasons), by an individual or individuals from outside the company (customers, users, patients, etc.). 

Cases of violence

A distinction is made between criminal violence, most often predatory violence (burglary, theft, racketeering, homicide) which affects a number of well-defined professions, and violence by the public against employees. This can take different forms: incivilities, threats, verbal or physical aggression or acts of vandalism. Whatever the form, this violence jeopardises the health and safety of the employees concerned…

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A new trend is emerging

Home robbery is on the rise. 
In order to be better protected against these dangers, we propose a course whose content allows :
1/ To address the criminological phenomena and operating modes that you may face.
2/ To make you aware of the behaviours to adopt in the face of aggressive attitudes of delinquents and to increase prevention in the face of the risks of aggression.
3/ To assimilate the processes and techniques adapted to provide support to those responsible in risky situations.

Attitudes and behaviour

– How to anticipate them
– Behaviour and gestural attitudes to adopt
– Instructions upstream
– Management of the aftermath of a robbery
– The psychological management of the traumatic situation

Audit of your environment

We propose to analyse your needs and the weaknesses of your immediate environment in the context of the prevention of hold-ups, aggressions and conflict management.

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Speakers : Manager of a partner company
Audience: All audiences 
Number of participants: 8 to 10
Duration: 6 hours
Location: In your company

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