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Closed Circuit Television CCTV


You are planning to create your own Closed Circuit Television CCTV or remote surveillance centre and become a player in the development of video security and alarm management.
We propose to accompany you through the various stages. 

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– Phase 1: Prevention Audit and Purpose of the Consultation
– Phase 2: Definition of Services
– Phase 3: General Obligations of the Parties
– Phase 4: Resources
– Phase 5: Materials and Support
– Phase 6: Training Manual
– Phase 7: Training
– Phase 8: Operational Mode
– Phase 9: Test & Improvement Process Quality Curve
– Phase 10: Safety Support & Skills Transfer
– Phase 11: Conceptual Support & Development
– Phase 12: Engineering / Research & Development / Consulting

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APSAD certification  

Designed by the Assemblée Plénière des Sociétés d’Assurances Dommages (APSAD) and 
issued by the National Centre for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), 
This certification defines the standards to be respected by all professionals 
professionals providing services to reduce the risks of malicious intent and 
and fire risks. A genuine brand, it can only be used 
can only be used by APSAD-certified companies.

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APSAD and remote surveillance

Remote surveillance systems allow houses, flats or business premises to be monitored remotely. To do this, the premises must be equipped with detectors to identify dangers and intrusions. These are connected to an alarm centre which is responsible for automatically transmitting these alerts to the remote surveillance centre.
APSAD will allow these remote surveillance stations to be evaluated thanks to a specific rule, APSAD R31

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Protection of goods and people

Protection - Biens - Personnes - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

The home and business connected to an alarm, to an effective internal and external defence system with remote surveillance for the protection of goods and people.
The progression of delinquency is now moving towards the least well-defended “targets”. How can you deter burglars from coming to your home, from breaking into your front door or windows?

Banks and jewellery stores better protected

Banks, jewellers and other centres where wealth is exchanged are protected against these attacks, which are now aimed at the most vulnerable and least well-equipped.

Crime has changed since the introduction of the free movement of people and goods with the local Schengen area.


International crime

In addition to local crime, there is also international crime, which is very well organised and sometimes uses paramilitary methods. The Pink Panthers, for example, are the best-known of these groups, which are made up of intelligence groups responsible for locating places or following their victims, and action groups responsible for carrying out the crime,

Private homes

After businesses, homes are being robbed.
The reason: shop owners in rural areas have reinforced their protection measures in recent years, such as video surveillance or alarms. As a result, criminals are turning to their homes.
“There are always times when the person is vulnerable. In particular, when they enter their garage, generally with an electric door. Some people rush in and steal the cash that some shopkeepers take home.

Isolated villas – industrial buildings

Another target for robbers is beautiful houses, often isolated in the countryside. 
“A nice house is often synonymous with cash, nice jewellery and nice cars. ” 
Professional buildings are no exception to the rule with industrial espionage.

Police patrols

The geographical location of the goods, which is on the outskirts, does not always allow for sustained surveillance by frequent patrols by the police or national gendarmerie. It is difficult to dissuade any act of vandalism or aggression.

Saving time

Protection of people and property

In the absence of an internal security service (personnel, vehicle, dog, etc.), whatever the choice of the private intervention company, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to obtain better results than the official services.
It is therefore necessary to be able to “gain time” for the intervention of the national gendarmerie or police services alerted as soon as the intrusion begins.

Protection of people and property

Duty to advise

Our duty to advise obliges us to impose active protection on you. Therefore, the security installation that we recommend will allow for an immediate detection of the danger. The emergency services and security services will be able to see the intrusion and the alert in real time.

Removal of doubt – Regulations

The French law specifies, in article L 613-6 of the Code of Internal Security, that the call to the police can only be made after the removal of doubt has allowed the verification of the materiality and concordance of the flagrant clues.
Consequently, if, following an express request, the displacement on site of the Forces de l’Ordre has proved to be unjustified, a financial penalty may be notified, the amount of which may be up to 450 € or according to the legal provisions in force at the time of the facts.


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Skills Training

Airport safety and security


Building a project

It means knowing the airport safety and security issue from both an operational and institutional point of view.
More broadly, our partner acts as a legal and structural advisor in the airport field. 

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Areas of intervention

Air Transport and Airport Cargo Training offers programmes in airport security and safety.
The effectiveness of civil aviation security is the result of a commitment shared by all the actors involved. 
DGAC is developing a doctrine that defines a common framework for action, so that all stakeholders are involved on a daily basis in the implementation of security measures.

The French security doctrine

French security doctrine develops a prospective vision of security. First of all, to prepare, to draw up adapted action plans, and then to serve as a framework for international action. These are the conditions for the sustainable development of air transport.
Secretary of State for Transport emphasised the importance of sharing a doctrine. But also values in the service of ever safer air transport.

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Audit, support and exercises

We use our skills in the context of an audit and pre-audit on site.
To this end, we propose the drafting of programmes and the drafting of specifications.
Following this, we carry out performance tests in an operational situation for security agents. For this purpose, we carry out intrusion exercises on site and the introduction of prohibited objects. 
We also address crisis management and the improvement of the crisis management plan.

Safer travel” film

To ensure the safety of air travel, it is not enough to multiply regulations and control procedures. It is a whole strategy that is implemented by all the players in the air transport sector (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity)

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Economic Intelligence

Intelligence- économique - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

Under construction

From the company director to the worker, from the senior manager to the foreman, everyone is concerned by what is commonly called “economic intelligence”. It is about taking a fresh look at the company, its strategic information and its environment to prevent risks and threats and thus protect oneself by securing information

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Crisis Management

Gestion-crise - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

Under construction

Responding to the prevention and management of a major crisis, a break in the normal functioning of an organisation or society, resulting from a sudden and brutal event, which poses a serious threat to their stability or even their very existence.
Because of its sudden and abrupt nature, the triggering event calls for an urgent response.

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Close Protection Agents Bodyguards

garde-du-corps- Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

We rely on a structure with close protection agents (CPA) or bodyguards who can intervene in Cannes, Nice, Monaco as well as in France, Russia and Thailand. 

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If you need to travel to countries where there are dangerous areas either for you or for your employees, we can provide you with teams for your close protection – bodyguard.

Close protection – bodyguard physical protection of persons, private and professional accompaniments, experienced executives


Close Protection, Agents Bodyguards you need, our partner is able to ensure your personal security or that of your guests or clients.

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Appropriate protection

Our goal: your protection without compromising your privacy. The bodyguards identify and analyse possible threats, thus preventing them from escalating. 
They approach each mission with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Experienced executives

Do you have special security requirements during your trip? Their bodyguards are at your disposal to facilitate your trip. 
They ensure that you are safe and protected. This exclusive VIP service provides bodyguards and protection for experienced executives. This service is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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Video Alarm Camera System

Systeme camera video - alarme - - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

There are no longer any places that are naturally safe from crime.
Perpetrators of crimes and offences have understood that those who are not protected become their targets. It has become essential to reinforce security with the installation of a video alarm camera system.

In real time or in delayed time, video-protection allows first of all to protect the space in wide or narrow vision then to appreciate the situations such as the management of a queue or a control of the flows,…
It also allows the removal of doubt with the detection and monitoring of any event or abnormal behaviour.
In fine, it helps to identify an individual, an object, a vehicle, a situation, etc.

However, it does not replace human presence in all circumstances and must be part of an overall security plan of which it is only one element,
It must meet strict conditions of use (Code of Internal Security) and respect the principle of proportionality.

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Against crime: Protection and security 

The increase in crime raises questions.
– Banks, jewellery shops and other places where wealth circulates are very well protected. 
– Crime will therefore move to the least well-defended, most fragile and least equipped targets. 
– Professionals, private individuals, homes in rural areas or on the outskirts of towns become targets. 
– Other targets favoured by robbers are houses of good appearance, often isolated in the countryside. “A beautiful house is often synonymous with cash, beautiful jewellery and beautiful cars.

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Video protection system

Increasing security with the installation of a video alarm camera system allows to:
– Alert you to the nature of the danger: attempted intrusion, fire, flooding, falling trees, etc.
– Deter an intrusion.
– Identify individuals entering your property.
– Alert the authorities for rapid intervention.
– Save images or videos of the intrusion.
– Etc.

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