Closed Circuit Television CCTV


You are planning to create your own Closed Circuit Television CCTV or remote surveillance centre and become a player in the development of video security and alarm management.
We propose to accompany you through the various stages. 

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– Phase 1: Prevention Audit and Purpose of the Consultation
– Phase 2: Definition of Services
– Phase 3: General Obligations of the Parties
– Phase 4: Resources
– Phase 5: Materials and Support
– Phase 6: Training Manual
– Phase 7: Training
– Phase 8: Operational Mode
– Phase 9: Test & Improvement Process Quality Curve
– Phase 10: Safety Support & Skills Transfer
– Phase 11: Conceptual Support & Development
– Phase 12: Engineering / Research & Development / Consulting

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APSAD certification  

Designed by the Assemblée Plénière des Sociétés d’Assurances Dommages (APSAD) and 
issued by the National Centre for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), 
This certification defines the standards to be respected by all professionals 
professionals providing services to reduce the risks of malicious intent and 
and fire risks. A genuine brand, it can only be used 
can only be used by APSAD-certified companies.

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APSAD and remote surveillance

Remote surveillance systems allow houses, flats or business premises to be monitored remotely. To do this, the premises must be equipped with detectors to identify dangers and intrusions. These are connected to an alarm centre which is responsible for automatically transmitting these alerts to the remote surveillance centre.
APSAD will allow these remote surveillance stations to be evaluated thanks to a specific rule, APSAD R31

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