GOTO Protection is a security auditing and consulting company that implements a global solution for risk management and the prevention of malicious acts.


Advice on:
– The most reliable and efficient equipment in terms of detection, identification of intrusion and aggression as well as geolocation
– The use of human resources composed of agents capable of analysing the context of a situation and managing it in real time.
– Your training needs: conflict management, stress management, acquisition of legal frameworks for intervention, risks during armed robbery and good security practices, etc


Our methodology is based on a know-how that uses a study, an analysis and an evaluation of the needs accompanied by consultations with the people responsible.
During each consultation, GOTO Protection develops a conceptual plan with a support schedule, followed if necessary by an operational and technical approach.

The conceptual plan

The conceptual plan consists of
– A space/time planning and situation
– A study of the location
– A combination of needs and security level
– The installation or improvement of a protection and/or neutralisation and/or tracking system and/or mobile terminals.
– The development of preventive measures
– Training of users and security operating teams

The support schedule

The support schedule includes:
– Drawing up a set of specifications
– Establishment of performance indicators
– Preparation of the documents in case of a call for tenders
– Convening and assistance during the tender
– Visiting and checking the technical, operational and safety brief of the service providers participating in the tender
– Technical, operational and safety rating of the service providers participating in the tender
– Implementation of a service management software
– The development of procedures
– The development of reflex cards
– The development of call cascades
– Development of a PSS guide
– Etc

The operational approach 

The operational approach (security supervisor and field workers) consists of
– Analysis and synthesis of environments and/or routes
– Cross-referencing logistical and contractual data
– Drawing up operational proposals

Technical approach

The technical approach consists of the verification of regulatory documents if necessary, checks on the client’s service providers, checks on the packages and on the service provider responsible for the surveillance of goods and people.