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Eavesdropping, detection of micro video cameras and other spy systems

Detection of spy microphones dusting. 
Sophisticated spying tools
are easily available on the market.
Mini digital voice activated dictation devices hidden in your office, meeting room or a room in your flat.
– These tiny micro-transmitters radio your conversations within a radius of about ten metres! 
– A GPS beacon installed on your vehicle that tracks your every move.
– Your mobile phone seems to be hacked? 

Detection of spy microphones

Miniature camera and recorder

There are also complete miniature camera systems with a digital recorder hidden in common objects such as an alarm clock, watch, lamp, etc. 

Detection of spy camera

GPS beacon on vehicle

A beacon attached to your vehicle tracks all your movements with an accuracy of a few meters on a simple smartphone! 

Microphone on a fixed telephone line

On a fixed line, it is technically possible to connect a micro-transmitter in a few moments, this microphone being fed indefinitely by the weak current of the line! 

Mobile phone and spyware

A mobile phone trapped with spyware can intercept your communications, SMS and locate you thanks to the GPS incorporated in your phone. 

A professional who has mastered these techniques can set up much more advanced systems, and we will voluntarily keep quiet about how they work… 

If you are spied on, filmed or listened to without your knowledge, you become very vulnerable! In the context of a professional activity, information leaks can be disastrous. The consequences on the viability of the company are just as disastrous. 

Detection of eavesdropping, securing of premises, dusting, detection of beacons and trackers. 

Our partner masters all detection techniques, with complete discretion and confidence. He checks whether you are the target of espionage or eavesdropping. He puts in place the means to identify the perpetrator(s) of these practices. Then he advises you on legal recourse, the implementation of protections and the organisation of “counter-espionage” or “counter-hacking”

Analysis and research 

Our partner recommends, depending on the case, a 
– Bluetooth analysis 
– Spectral analysis up to 6Gz in a few milliseconds 
– Search for GSM micro-spies (IMSI search) 
– Computer network analysis 
– Search for passive systems with a thermal camera

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