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Private Investigators, investigations shadowing, why use them?

– To provide evidence in a legal case.
– To obtain objective information on a difficult family situation. Such as the search for a runaway child, to establish the infidelity of a spouse or adulterer, to obtain alimony…
– Observe an uncontrolled decrease in the stock of goods with suspicion of theft.
– Suspicion of information leaks within the company.
– Need evidence of suspected disloyalty of a partner, etc. 
– Check that your smartphone or mobile phone does not have spyware installed…

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We can answer your questions and present you with solutions.
We can provide you with the most experienced experts in our network. 

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Our network of private investigators, investigations and shadowing offers all kinds of private or professional, national or international missions. 

Only private investigators (more commonly known as “private detectives”) exercise their skills in information gathering, but also their legal skills.

Registered with the French Ministry of the Interior and the National Council for Private Security Activities, our partner has a valid licence to operate both nationally and internationally, in accordance with the Internal Security Code.

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