GOTO PROTECTION Safety and Security

GOTO Protection, a consulting company based in Cannes, implements a Global Solution in security and safety strategy.

Cannes – Nice – Saint Tropez – France – Monaco – Swiss – Thailand

GOTO Protection offers advice, resources and solutions tailored to your needs, both nationally and internationally.
We intervene in the fields of:
– The protection of properties and people
– Installation of video and alarm systems. 
We can take care of:
– Recruitment of personnel or your teams
– Training them.
We train cybersecurity personnel in the face of cyber attacks. We offer to put you in touch with our partners in the fight against counterfeiting as well as those in close protection with bodyguards.

GOTO Protection at the heart of your safety and security..

The GOTO Protection consulting firm is involved in all stages of your security plan and strategy

A Team

A team of qualified people with their own skills drawn from the experience of an operational police career, investigation, training and management within the French police institution.

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