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There are no longer any places that are naturally safe from crime.
Perpetrators of crimes and offences have understood that those who are not protected become their targets. It has become essential to reinforce security with the installation of a video alarm camera system.

In real time or in delayed time, video-protection allows first of all to protect the space in wide or narrow vision then to appreciate the situations such as the management of a queue or a control of the flows,…
It also allows the removal of doubt with the detection and monitoring of any event or abnormal behaviour.
In fine, it helps to identify an individual, an object, a vehicle, a situation, etc.

However, it does not replace human presence in all circumstances and must be part of an overall security plan of which it is only one element,
It must meet strict conditions of use (Code of Internal Security) and respect the principle of proportionality.

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Against crime: Protection and security 

The increase in crime raises questions.
– Banks, jewellery shops and other places where wealth circulates are very well protected. 
– Crime will therefore move to the least well-defended, most fragile and least equipped targets. 
– Professionals, private individuals, homes in rural areas or on the outskirts of towns become targets. 
– Other targets favoured by robbers are houses of good appearance, often isolated in the countryside. “A beautiful house is often synonymous with cash, beautiful jewellery and beautiful cars.

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Video protection system

Increasing security with the installation of a video alarm camera system allows to:
– Alert you to the nature of the danger: attempted intrusion, fire, flooding, falling trees, etc.
– Deter an intrusion.
– Identify individuals entering your property.
– Alert the authorities for rapid intervention.
– Save images or videos of the intrusion.
– Etc.

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