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The home and business connected to an alarm, to an effective internal and external defence system with remote surveillance for the protection of goods and people.
The progression of delinquency is now moving towards the least well-defended “targets”. How can you deter burglars from coming to your home, from breaking into your front door or windows?

Banks and jewellery stores better protected

Banks, jewellers and other centres where wealth is exchanged are protected against these attacks, which are now aimed at the most vulnerable and least well-equipped.

Crime has changed since the introduction of the free movement of people and goods with the local Schengen area.


International crime

In addition to local crime, there is also international crime, which is very well organised and sometimes uses paramilitary methods. The Pink Panthers, for example, are the best-known of these groups, which are made up of intelligence groups responsible for locating places or following their victims, and action groups responsible for carrying out the crime,

Private homes

After businesses, homes are being robbed.
The reason: shop owners in rural areas have reinforced their protection measures in recent years, such as video surveillance or alarms. As a result, criminals are turning to their homes.
“There are always times when the person is vulnerable. In particular, when they enter their garage, generally with an electric door. Some people rush in and steal the cash that some shopkeepers take home.

Isolated villas – industrial buildings

Another target for robbers is beautiful houses, often isolated in the countryside. 
“A nice house is often synonymous with cash, nice jewellery and nice cars. ” 
Professional buildings are no exception to the rule with industrial espionage.

Police patrols

The geographical location of the goods, which is on the outskirts, does not always allow for sustained surveillance by frequent patrols by the police or national gendarmerie. It is difficult to dissuade any act of vandalism or aggression.

Saving time

Protection of people and property

In the absence of an internal security service (personnel, vehicle, dog, etc.), whatever the choice of the private intervention company, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to obtain better results than the official services.
It is therefore necessary to be able to “gain time” for the intervention of the national gendarmerie or police services alerted as soon as the intrusion begins.

Protection of people and property

Duty to advise

Our duty to advise obliges us to impose active protection on you. Therefore, the security installation that we recommend will allow for an immediate detection of the danger. The emergency services and security services will be able to see the intrusion and the alert in real time.

Removal of doubt – Regulations

The French law specifies, in article L 613-6 of the Code of Internal Security, that the call to the police can only be made after the removal of doubt has allowed the verification of the materiality and concordance of the flagrant clues.
Consequently, if, following an express request, the displacement on site of the Forces de l’Ordre has proved to be unjustified, a financial penalty may be notified, the amount of which may be up to 450 € or according to the legal provisions in force at the time of the facts.


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